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There are many of our in network providers that are offering virtual consultations due to the CoronaVirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Please contact your doctor for more information or you can contact our Customer Service Department at (201) 728-0131.


Muchos de nuestros provedores estan ofreciendo visitas virtuales por motivo del CoronaVirus (COVID-19). Para mas informacion, contacte a su doctor o a nuestro departamento de servicio al cliente al (201) 728-0131.

Florida Health Solution Corp. is the largest Prepaid Health Clinic (PHC)
in South and Central Florida.

It's a Leader in Preventive Medicine in Florida since 2002


A program designed with affordable prices for New Jersey using the Florida Health Solution Corp. system.

We offer our members FREE Preventive Care Panels
and low co-payments


  • Annual Pap Smear
  • Mammogram (Analog or Digital)
  • Prostate Test and Coronary Risk
  • Electrocardiogram, Cholesterol and Triglycerides
  • Occult Blood or Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT)
  • and much more...

Co-Payments from $25.00*

FHS Health Solution

We are confident that you and your family will be pleased with the services provided. At FHS Health Solution, our members are our first priority. With plans that are affordable for you and your family.

Member Benefits

FHS has been created to offer an affordable health plan, with low copayments and free preventives panel, diagnostics, laboratories, pharmacy and much more for our members.

Our Network

Select the center that best suits your needs, having in mind the location and business hours. Our health plan is one of the most widely accepted programs with access to a network of providers in your area. Our Provider Directory

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If you are interested in selling Health Coverage call or send your contact information online to our Sales Department and open the door to a new tomorrow.

Prepaid Health Clinic (PHC)

FHS is a licensed Prepaid Health Clinic (PHC) based in Florida. We have offered quality affordable medical care to more than 100,000 members since 2002.


FHS a licensed Prepaid Health Clinic (PHC), and a Discount Plan Organization (DPO) approved by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation based in Florida. We have offered quality affordable medical care to more than 100,000 members since 2002 and NOW IN THE NEW JERSEY AREA.

FHS Health Solution Corp established prices with providers where the members make a low co-payment.

Prepaid Health Clinics arrange health care services on a managed care basis. This means FHS arranges for medical services through a network of credentialed and contracted providers: physicians(primary, specialty), diagnostic, and other health care professionals in an organized and cost-effective manner. DPO provides access and the right to receive medical services from a network of health services providers at a fixed substantial discount.

Our members have access to a network of providers. We also have well-trained, qualified Customer Service Representatives who are ready to assist you if you have questions or need information regarding your coverage.

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